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We are facing a climate emergency.

In 2015 the EU signed the Paris climate agreement, and in 2021 the Glasgow climate pact. Countries committed to try and keep temperature rise to 1.5° C.

The EU's 55% net emissions reduction target is not enough. 

It needs be at least 65% real emissions reductions by 2030 

The EU must ensure the revised 2030 climate and energy laws - the 'Fit for 55%' package - boost climate action in line with the science

This must be done in a socially fair way - WWF's asks.

"Reaching net zero emissions by 2040 in the EU is essential if we are to uphold the Paris Agreement and limit devastating climate change.”

Alex Mason
Head of Climate and Energy
WWF European Policy Office

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Alex Mason
Head of Climate & Energy
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Communications Officer, Climate
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