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Why do we work on general EU affairs and governance?
Every day, the EU makes decisions that affect our natural world. Many policy debates and issues which at a first glance might seem unrelated to the fight against the climate crisis and the loss of nature, can actually have a significant impact.

‘Governance’ is about how policy choices are made, who makes them, how they are applied and who is accountable. This sounds technical, but it is essential to ensure that environmental impacts are taken into account in all EU policy-making. Failing that, the EU’s stated goals of reversing nature loss and limiting temperature rise to 1.5°C are out of reach.

WWF is working in a number of ways to achieve good governance in EU decision making: 


Tycho Vandermaesen
Policy & Strategy Director 
Beate Aikens
EU Advocacy Officer

Florian Martinez-Buathier
EU Advocacy Officer

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