Gas bill rises show need for socially fair switch to renewables

Posted on 24 September 2021

Europeans face high energy bills this winter due to a surge in wholesale power and gas prices. The poorest and most vulnerable will be hit hardest.
Commenting on the situation, Imke Lübbeke, head of climate and energy, WWF European Policy Office stated:

"People across Europe are facing a worrying winter as their energy bills skyrocket. Switching away from gas to renewable sources is a key part of cutting dependency on global energy suppliers and so shielding citizens from price hikes.

"The conditions for this to happen can be set now: the EU's 2030 climate and renewables and energy efficiency policies must be significantly stepped up and implemented as a top priority. EU governments must do what is needed to protect the vulnerable today, but must also push on with a socially fair shift away from all gas and fossil fuels, for long-term sustainability."

Sarah Azau
Communications Manager
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Houses and countryside near Katowice, Poland in winter
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