Parliament’s ENVI Committee urges EU to step-up on deforestation | WWF
Parliament’s ENVI Committee urges EU to step-up on deforestation

Posted on 01 October 2020

The European Parliament’s Environment Committee has adopted a draft report which calls for an EU legal framework to stop EU-driven deforestation.
WWF welcomes this strong demonstration of political support for new legislation to eradicate deforestation, nature destruction and human rights violations from the EU’s supply chain.  

The report, drafted by MEP Delara Burkhhardt’s, gauges the temperature as to how serious the European Parliament is about tackling the root causes of EU-driven deforestation and nature destruction. The report also underscores the importance of human rights protection, particularly of indigenous groups and local communities, and aims to oblige the financial sector to check their impact on the world’s forests. 

This comes hot on the heels of the European Parliament’s adoption of a report in September, which responded to the European Commission’s long-awaited communication on stepping up EU action to protect and restore the world's forests. The report also called for a new law on deforestation. MEPs must now follow suit and adopt MEP Delara Burkhardt’s report in an upcoming plenary vote, expected to take place the week of 19 October. 

Anke Schulmeister-Oldenhove, Senior Forest Policy Officer at WWF’s European Policy Office, said: “EU supply chains are destroying the world’s forests and setting our savannahs ablaze. The adoption of this report is a sign of hope that the EU will make good on its promise to stop EU-driven deforestation. As Parliament gets set for a final vote in plenary, MEPs must show the thousands of EU citizens who have already called for a new EU law that they are serious about playing their part. Unanimously agreeing to adopt this report would be a modest but honest start.”

Globally, the EU is responsible for over 10% of forest destruction through its consumption of commodities like meat, dairy, soy for animal feed, palm oil, coffee and cacao - a law to ensure products entering EU markets are free from deforestation and the destruction of other ecosystems, such as savannahs and grasslands, is urgently needed. The Commission recently opened a public consultation on tackling the EU’s deforestation footprint. In just a few weeks, more than 100,000 EU citizens have already called on the EU to agree to this new law through the #Together4Forests platform. The public consultation is due to close on 10 December. 

Sophie Bauer
Senior Communications Officer
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Anke Schulmeister-Oldenhove
Senior Forest Policy Officer
WWF European Policy Office
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